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I highly recommend purchasing the Pulseroll as said in the full review it’s a game changer and my standard foam roller is shelved.

The different intensity levels of vibrations bring this foam roller to a whole new level and you will not regret your purchase. Yes, it is not the cheapest product to purchase but I would say these cost the same for a decent pair of running shoes. I did purchase this myself and it was not a freebie and I am so glad I did.


What a product. Pulseroll have been kind enough to offer the running community a huge 25% discount which is incredibly generous of the Pulseroll team. If you do purchase just use the link in this review and use the code at checkout.

The Pulseroll is a foam roller but with a huge difference. The Pulseroll Pro vibrates! It has five different vibration levels and has a 3-hour rechargeable battery inside the roller itself. Pulseroll vibrations have been scientifically proven to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscle and this really is the next generation of foam rollers.

£119.99 (with the running community discount code of 25% £89.99)
Please contact me for the discount code


How to use the Pulseroll Pro?
You use the Pulseroll as you would any other foam roller the difference is the vibration benefits from the roller itself at different intensities. Whether your working on your IT bands, hamstrings, calves, glutes, quads, lower back or shoulders it’s the same principle. There is a very handy booklet that comes included with the product showing examples and explaining how to use the Pulseroll for different exercises.


My personal experience of using the Pulseroll Pro
I have been using the Pulseroll for 1 month now. My previous foam roller is now shelved and I will go into more detail below as to why. Firstly, I just want to show you all what is included in the box when you purchase the Pulseroll Pro:

Inside the box you receive the following:

1 X Pulseroll Pro vibrating foam roller
1 X Pulseroll travel bag
1 X Pulseroll ring – So you can change vibration levels wirelessly
1 X Power adapter to charge your roller
3 X Plug adapters (UK, Europe, US)
1 X Pulseroll Pro manual explaining how to use the Pulseroll and also exercises you can perform.
1 X 1-year warranty leaflet


So, the first thing I always seem to do when foam rolling are my calves and quads you lay the foam roller down like any other foam roller then you can turn on your desired vibration level on the foam roller itself or of course wirelessly using the Pulseroll ring.

When I first tried out the foam roller on my calves, I started on level 1 which is a low power mode. I relaxed and laid my calves onto the foam roller and it was a nice slow soothing vibration going through my tight calves. It was not much but enough so help start my foam rolling massage.

I stayed static for a few minutes then generally started rolling backwards and forwards like you would do with a normal foam roller. Staying on the calfs I pressed the button on the ring to turn up to level 2 which is a medium power vibration this felt a fair bit stronger with the vibrations and again a really nice feeling going through the calves its almost like its relaxing you into a rolling session. Switching up to level 3 which is moderate mode you really start feeling the vibrations working and going through your muscles again I am resting my calves on the roller for 1-2 minutes then rolling back and forth. Onto level 4 this is rhythm mode so its running from level 1 right up to level 4 and repeats each time it creates a really nice pulsing sensation and very strong vibrations when reaching level 4 and quickly reducing back down to level 1 again and so on. Level 5 needs a new paragraph!


So, before I explain about level 5 I will list the follow power levels below:

Level 1 – 1500 RPM – Lower Power Mode
Level 2 – 2200 RPM – Medium Power Mode
Level 3 – 2700 RPM – Moderate Power Mode
Level 4 – 1500-3200 RPM – Rhythm Mode – Pulsating
Level 5 – 4900 RPM – High power mode


So again, still on the calves as I was getting a good feel for the Pulseroll I used the ring and turned the Pulseroll up to level 5 and all I can say is be prepared for a really strong vibrating massage it is really intense on another level from the others. The feeling is amazing its really working your tight muscles out, I mean all the levels will do this but level 5 is really digging deep and if you have some seriously sore tight spots get onto level 5 if you can because it can make the world of difference.


I wont go on about how I foam rolled each area of my body as I will probably bore you but I will say my standard foam roller is now shelved the massaging sensations of the vibrations whilst rolling your sore tight muscles on the Pulseroll is just on another level it really does loosen your muscles and you will feel your blood flowing to your affected areas which of course will help decrease recovery time and next day soreness (DOMS)

Another thing I must mention. I do suffer with lower back pain from time to time and I have attempted to foam roll my lower back on a standard foam roller. I did not have too much success with it but using level 4 and 5 on my lower back with the Pulseroll was a game changer for me. When I wake up with a lower back ache, I am straight downstairs and onto the Pulseroll it literally soothes the pain away and releases the tightness and aching in my lower back I am not kidding you I was shocked how much this helped with my lower back.

You will see my conclusion in the short summary section but I must say for me this has been a game changer in foam rolling. I wont often use the words game changer but I have to in this instance. Honestly well done to the Pulseroll team and to Paul McCabe for an incredible product.

Pulseroll have been kind enough to offer the running community a huge 25% discount which is incredibly generous of the Pulseroll team (please contact me for the code). If you do purchase just use the link in this review and use the code at checkout.

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