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A commuter bag that makes you feel more free. All weight goes into your hips and your arms and shoulders are free to move in flow with your running. A unique concept that is not your ordinary run commute bag which has ample space and once setup is a breeze to use.

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Normal Price: £189.99
Discounted Price: £132.30


The Motionlab Team have been kind enough to send me over there Motionlab Active Commute Bag to review and I have been using the bag over the last couple of months to get an insight to what it really is like to run with a different kind of product compared to what a normal backpack would feel like whilst running. I must note the bag is for cycling and running but I have only used this for running as that is exactly what I do.

So, what’s different about this commuter running bag compared to any other out there. Well the biggest difference is that the bag is designed to make you have 0% weight on your shoulders and that the straps sit completely clear of your shoulders it has a wrap around harness and its own spine suspension system.

When I first got the bag out for myself, I thought wow this really does not look like your average joe backpack and I did also think this is going to take some setting up! BUT to my delight the MotionLabs team with creator Rob have a link with the bag that you can access a YouTube fitting tutorial on how to setup this bag for your height range and how to make the bag the best fit possible! This YouTube video is well detailed and very easy to follow along and best of all its only 13 minutes long. I closely followed the tutorial and was setup in around 15 mins after a few further micro adjustments here and there. Can I just say when I finished with the fitting tutorial, I did think wow surely I will not have to do this much faffing around each time and I am pleased to report I do not! It really is worth investing those 15 minutes to get your bag setup correctly it makes it a pleasure to run with. You can have a watch of the fitting instructions right here it gives a great insight into the product in my opinion:






So, I am all set to go out with the bag and already it feels incredible on my back as there is literally no weight on my shoulders whatsoever and I can move my arms up down and wherever the heck I want without any constrictions I’m literally free to crack on with my run. My first few runs with this I did not put any items in the bag at all as I wanted to get a good feel for just the bag itself.

I went out on a few 5 mile runs and it was a dream to run with the bag. The bag just moves in sync with whatever you are doing and behaves at times like it is not even there. To be running along with this quite large backpack and not having any straps touching your shoulders and feeling so light was a great feeling to have and gave me great confidence and trust running with this bag.

My only one moan was sometimes the chest buckle padding pushed in a bit too much and caused a small amount of discomfort but I kind of got use to it. Now I know we should not just get use to a bit of discomfort that’s not the idea and certainly not the way a bag in this price range should do, however before I could say anything to the MotionLabs team they were already aware of this issue and sent every one of their customers including myself new chest buckle padding which is a quick fix and voila problem solved!

Top class reaction and great customer service I was very impressed and of course all new orders will now come with the new chest buckle padding so that worry has been eliminated.


Now it comes onto taking the bag out with a load. Before I go into this, I should explain what the bags storage is like. To put it simply the bag has ample storage and plenty of useful zip pockets over the bag, you will not struggle to find a compartment for something with this bag that’s for sure.

Inside the bag there is a laptop sleeve that takes up to 15” laptops and will protect your laptop whilst running to and from your workplace/home, there is an iPad pocket to protect any tablet you may take with you and even a key storage area with key holder inside. The bag then has another section to hold your clothes which has a 22-litre capacity and is of course fully waterproof. Underneath the bag you will find another separate compartment which is to hold your shoes at the base of the bag.

I am extremely impressed about how the bag has been thought out the storage is so capable of many needs with extra room to spare.

So out I go for more running with a load. I take my Laptop and iPad a few books chucked in for good measure a set of work cloths, shoes, fruit, keys, wallet and a few other bits and bobs. How different would this be with a load on I thought to myself and I did worry the straps would come down due to the weight but this thankfully did not happen.

With the weight all in the bag you will feel yourself that the weight actually sits on your hips which is very comfortable and your left once again with that fantastic feeling of 0 weight on your shoulders and no straps touching you. Again, I feel great and free even with the weight on. I have now done many 5-8 mile runs with weight in the bag and made a few minor adjustments and it has been fantastic to run with.

I don’t feel like I am being held back by weight in the backpack its like the weight is not there at times as the hips are doing there job and your completely free to move exactly the way you want to whilst running, the flexible spine system on the bag is built exactly for this reason. It is hilly around my area and the bag has been fantastic up and down hills not a problem whatsoever. All my items stay in place in the bag nothing moves or jumps about and the bag is like it is just part of my body.

I am thoroughly impressed with the Active Commuter Bag it is different in the fact the weight is not on your shoulders at all but that difference is huge compared to a normal bag. I think the price tag could come down a bit more and I think there are a few small improvements for example perhaps a slightly quicker setup (although I am more than happy to spend some time setting a bag up correctly) but overall what a great piece of commuter running kit I would not go back to a normal bag after using this that’s for sure and certainly a big step in the right direction. The bag is built to a very high-quality standard with high quality material.

An exciting product by Motionlabs and a passionate team behind the product that actually care.

Free shipping and returns are offered when you purchase a bag  plus a 30 day risk free trial with money back guarantee.

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