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Injury Recovery Hub

We at The Running Community understand that from time to time injury hits and stops us from running. We know how frustrating an injury can be for runners. I mean let's be honest no one want's an injury to stop there runs or training runs.  But it does happen! 

We want to support your recovery path if you have become injured or help you if you're looking for injury prevention.

The Running Community has has its own recommended sports therapist called Jon White he has over 10 years of experience working in the sports injury industry.


He is a passionate, kind and extremely approachable therapist who has a passion to help others with there injury worries. So Jon has kindly put together some information on the most common running injures for The Running Community. Check them out and they also include very useful video footage.


Runners Knee information and key videos


Hips & Glutes injury information and videos


Lower Leg, Foot & Ankle injury recovery information and videos

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