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I have to say if you are going out often with phones, cards, keys etc. this is a must have in my opinion. Honestly just get it you will not regret it. Great for all runs it comes out with me on every run without fail now and also a great marathon training tool for gels.

FlipBelt is known for being the most elite running belt available, but it’s also commonly used at the gym, while traveling, horseback riding, carrying medical devices like insulin pumps and epi pens, and so much more. It basically goes around your waist and can carry items such as a phone, keys, cards e.t.c.

How to use the Flipbelt?

The Flipbelt has nice stretchy fabric you literally put the FlipBelt over your head and place it to sit at your waist or hips (I actually put my legs through the belt and pull up but that is up to you!). You are then free to load the pockets with whatever you are taking on your run.

My personal experience of the Fipbelt (with zipper)

I have actually used a Flipbelt for over a year now. I use to carry a phone in the back of my running shorts as they all had a back zip but after time these zips wear down and also the position my phone sat in was not comfortable and it was a squeeze to get the phone into my shorts pocket.

Then along came the Flipbelt  it was actually a running friend who recommended me the belt he told me how comfortable the belt was and how secure and comfortable this was. Of course naturally I was skeptical in my mind I thought to myself “I bet it will move about or ride up and down during running).

Once my Flipbelt arrived I was of course eager to take it out for a run right away and that’s exactly what I did. I believe most people put the Flipbelt on over there heads but I put my legs through the belt and then slide the belt into positon around my waist.

Straight away I was impressed with the stretchy fabric I did have concerns that it might be to small or even too big but it was true to my usual size and once around my waist it hugged really nicely (not tight just right!) I then decided what I was going to put into the flip belt.


The belt itself has four pockets in total. One pocket at the front which is a pocket you can zip up and then 3 other slots you can put stuff in. The open pocket to the left has an attachment clip you can hook keys to on if needs be which is very useful. I loaded my phone into the front pocket as this is zipped and I wanted to make sure my phone was secure.

The zipped pocket is a really good size and, in my opinion, will fi. t most models of phones inside. I then hooked my front door key into the other pocket using the clip on attachment and in the right hand pocket I placed my debit card. I was all loaded and good to go!


So before I went out for a run I jumped up and down like a Kangaroo too see what the belt was like around my waist loaded. Everything stayed in place and the fit was so good I did not feel anything moving around it was like everything was connected to my waist and was going nowhere which should be the case.

Finally, I went out on a five-mile run on a hilly route and I must say straight away I was very impressed on the run everything stayed in place there was no odd feeling no discomfort, even running up hills and down the belt stayed exactly where it was and it was really comfortable so much so that I forgot it was even there to be honest. I easily took my card and phone out of the pockets whilst running for a test and this went very well and I easily placed the items back in during the run. I am impressed with the Flipbelt it just works it has a simple job to do and it does it!

Just too add I even decided to use the belt throughout my marathon training and during the marathon itself loaded with 7 gels, phone, keys, debit card and a water bottle in the back pocket (Flipbelt do their own curved water bottle that fits nicely into the Flipbelt this works really well.) Getting gels out the belt and water when needed was a joy and was no hassle at all.

The Flipbelt zipper also has 4 colours to choose from.

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