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All three of these products by lightupu are essential lights to be used whilst running in the dark. The waist belt, heel clips and armband are all built superbly and are robust and will last for a long time. The lights are highly visible and each product fits comfortably.

I have no hesitation in recommending these three to other runners. I think the price range is super on all three products.

Lightupu have been kind enough to send me over three of their products to review, there products are made for running in the darkness and are all about being safe whilst running in the dark. The company was started by David Andrew Stobart who was unfortunately hit by a passing car back in 2001 on a country lane and left unconscious. David did thankfully make a full recovery and decided to source, develop and market the Lightupu products you see today and in this review.

There are three products in this review which I will go through in the following order:

  • Waist belt

  • Heel Lights

  • Armband Light

**Please note these items are all LED and run on CR2032 coin batteries they will last a long time and cost pennies if you need to replace.

Waist belt
First up the Lightupu waist belt this has two zipped pockets and a white stripe on the front. I say the front but you can wear this backwards as well so people can see the lights on your rear. The white stripe on the front is where an LED strip is built in and by pushing the button from the outside this will switch the LED lights on. It’s a great design as you are pressing the button from the outside but the button and battery is in it’s own little rubber compartment so you can not even see it and of course it’s hidden from the rain.


You have four choices you can cycle through by pressing the button these are the following:

  • White blinking light

  • White permanent light

  • Red blinking light

  • Red permanent light

It’s good to have four choices and of course is entirely up to you which you choose. I mostly go for the permanent white light myself. It’s a great light and of course keep in mind it’s for visibility not a waist or head torch replacement.

The two zipped pockets are located with one on the front and one on the back which easily fit my phone and keys inside, if you are going on a longer run in the darkness you could easily take a few gels with you and stick them in the back-zip compartment. I was surprised how generous the zipped compartments were from looking on the outside you would not think there is too much room but there was plenty.

Just below the rear zip there is a waterproof headphone outlet. This allows you to be able to fit a headphone wire through the belt that you might have plugged into your phone so it’s a great add on to have if you are not using Bluetooth headphones.


Now of course one of the most important things about a waist belt is the fit. I am so happy that the waist belt uses a stretchy Neoprene material that wraps around you and its also adjustable! It certainly is a one size fits all belt which once adjusted correctly it is a really comfortable fit. I have run in this belt on numerous occasions at night and even took it for a few goes on lunchtime runs. It did not bounce or ride up and down you forget the belt is there. I am impressed with how comfortable the belt is.

Overall the belt is not only a fantastic belt to have during the darkness because of its LED light options it also fits very well indeed and has great storage locations. I was really surprised how good this belt was and more so because It is only £20! I think that is such a good price for this product.

You can also choose from a choice of waist belt colours: Black, Silver, Pink and Blue.

Do I recommend this waist belt? 100% Yes a great waist belt and an amazing price.

Heel Lights
So, the heel lights. Well this is something I have never come across or used but make complete sense. They have a tension grip which you just open up and place on the heel of your shoes and let go and the heel light is secure on your shoe. You also have a strap that attaches from one end of the unit to the other that goes over your laces to keep the unit extra secure on your shoe. I have used with and without the strap and both have been fine but best to have the strap in case the unit was to fall from your shoe which is very unlikely due to the tension grip.


On the side of the heel light is a big red power button that you press to light the unit up. You can either have a still red light or a blinking red light to choose from it’s a really bright light that is great for visibility when out in the dark and I must admit I think they look pretty cool and my kids even loved them. Of course, it’s not about the looks but thought I would mention that!

There brilliant especially on country roads in the dark. You cannot always run against traffic due to certain bends and other circumstances so they make you very visible for cars potentially coming up behind you.


I now use these on any runs I do in the darkness without hesitation. There a fantastic safety feature and one I think is worthwhile giving a go. The units themselves are only £10 each over at lightupu.

Armband Light
The armband light is a simple concept but fantastic for safety in the darkness. You can fit this unit around your arm or even your leg but to be honest for me it goes around my arm over the top of my running shirt.

Similar to the heel lights above it has a big red power button you press and you get the choice from a static red light or a blinking light again the light is really visible.


The armband is really comfortable as it has an adjustable Velcro strap that you put on to your liking. I had no problems with this at all out on my runs. It was a comfortable fit and I forgot it was there to be honest. A great safety feature for running during the darkness and again at a great price of only £10.
They are available with a Red, Green or Blue light.

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