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In our running community group on Facebook we see inspirational stories and journeys nearly everyday. The running journeys that our members go on are important to us and we love talking and interacting with our members everyday. We have decided to make this our special page to show a runner each month from our community who not only have inspired us but also impressed us with there effort, progress and general love for running.

MAY 2021 Runner Of the month

angela pleasants

Well done Angela! Angela has been part of our group for well over 1 year now time flies but so does Angela! Over the months we have seen how Angela's running progression has grown stronger and her relationship with The Running Community is just unbelievable to be honest and as Angela says herself Passion + Positivity = Progress

This month Angela has smashed her 5k PB, ran half marathon distance with a half marathon event coming up in the next few days! Angela's weight loss story is also quite simply incredible! Not only this, very recently Angela has become a Run Leader at her local running club they can quite clearly see the passion and eagerness Angela brings the same way we see it in The Running Community. The support Angela has shown to others in the running community is filled with love and laughter and with so much support.

A HUGE Congratulations Angela our Runner Of The Month For May!

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