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bobo home interactive balance board REVIEW


I think in running we sometimes underestimate the importance of Balance, Posture & Strengthening and also how important this is if you are recovering from any injury.

I highly recommend the bobo Home Interactive Balance Board for improving your Balance and as a fantastic strengthening tool especially if recovering from an injury and even more so keeping your self strong in the ankles and core as you progress through a running program.

The bobo Home offers a fun interactive way of working out and certainly takes the boredom out of a standard strengthening training regime. The games are fun with high scores and the training programs offer some great stats once complete and offers something for everyone at different difficulty levels for all.

In Depth review below and sliding pictures above this summary

Available to purchase here:

bobo Home – Interactive Balance Board


What is it
bobo Home is an interactive Balance Board that connects to an App from Google or IOS that is used at home to help you improve your Balance, coordination, posture and strength.


The price of the bobo Home is currently at £119.99
Available to purchase here:

Whats in the Box
1 X bobo Interactive Balance Board
1 X bobo Inflatable Cushion
1 X bobo Tablet & Phone Stand
1 X Charging Cable
1 X Hand Pump
1 X Pump Needle
1 X Instruction Manual


My experience of using the bobo Home
The bobo Home is a very easy product to setup and use. You get the interactive balance board with an inflatable cushion including the needle and pump to inflate or deflate the cushion. The balance board sits on top of the inflatable cushion and you can begin to use the balance board just like any other and works on any surface. You can further inflate the cushion to make it harder to balance or you can deflate the cushion to make the balancing task easier. I found it comfortable using both trainers and barefoot whilst using the balance board the grip is very good.

Once you are comfortable with setting up the balance board you can download the bobo home app from Google Playstore or from the IOS app store depending on which device you would like to use. The app is a free download and once you have downloaded the app you can register a free account or play as a guest. Connection to the app from the balance board is via Bluetooth and you simply press the button on the balance board and the app detects the balance board almost immediately.


You also get a stand to place your tablet or phone on which makes it suitable to use in numerous places and is adjustable so you can decide the angle of the screen.

The app offers a good amount of modes to play with. The first choice is in the Games category which has a choice of 12 games to play. The games are very fun to play and turns a balance workout into a much more fun experience. You can record high scores on each game and save these for future references and you can then challenge your own high scores further down the line. I so far have played Crazy Snowboard, Colour Tunnel and Car.

The games are not there to show of any graphics and are very basic and retro in this department but my honest opinion for these are that you don’t need amazing graphics on the games to have fun with them. They are basic games but they work and give good feedback and make working out on the bobo board a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed trying to beat my own scores whilst improving my balance. Whilst playing the games my kids took a great interest and also decided to have a go themselves. The great thing is my kids beat my own high score (yep my balance is terrible!) and they could enter their name as the high score so you can interact with the whole family in certain game situations. Yes you can make multiple accounts on the app but this was great fun beating each other’s high scores and putting their names in to keep as a record which you can log back on and see anytime. Crazy snowboard has a few different scenes to choose from and you tilt left or right on the balance board to steer your board whilst going downhill on a course whilst going over jumps and collecting items to improve your score. Colour Tunnel you balance left and right to avoid obstacles and it gets harder as you progress and you have boost items you can try to latch onto for a bit of help during the games. Cars was very fun tilting left and right or backwards and forwards whilst collecting coins and avoiding mines.

The next section on the app I experienced was the workout section these had numerous workouts to choose from for example, 6, 8, 10 minute workouts that you get to choose the difficulty of. I was mostly on easy mode and performing the 6 and 8 minute workouts. These were really challenging which was great in a way as my balance is already improving and I am gaining more confidence on the balance board itself. The workouts will get you on the balance board trying to keep a dot inside a circle that is moving around but it will ask you to do a squat whilst trying to balance the dot inside the circle or lean over to one side whilst keeping the dot inside the circle and so on. This is selected throughout the length of program you have chosen. Once you complete your workout you get some fantastic statistics afterwards these show your total percentage score so the amount of time you kept the dot inside the circle, the harder modes it will split up how you performed on your right leg and left leg and both legs again showing a percentage figure. There does not seem to be any history of workouts or comparison of workouts available which is a shame but I think it’s something that could be added on in the future with some work on the app. Users of the bobo will want to track their progress and see where they have improved but overall, I think it gives enough of an incentive for now and certainly makes training a lot more fun with much more potential to come.


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