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In our running community group on Facebook we see inspirational stories and journeys nearly everyday. The running journeys that our members go on are important to us and we love talking and interacting with our members everyday. We have decided to make this our special page to show a runner each month from our community who not only have inspired us but also impressed us with there effort, progress and general love for running.

May Runner Of the month

Michelle wyllie

Michelle Wyllie - Runner Of The

Michelle gave us her story.

"My back story is that I started running by taking on the Couch to 5k programme in a bid to get fitter. I wasn't very good at sports at school and was the last person to be picked for teams in PE. 

I started Couch to 5k on 10 November 2019 at the age of 47 and completed it on 26 January 2020, a delay caused by a bout of illness around Christmas 2019.  I used three podcasts for Couch to 5k graduates for a couple of months then on 24 March, as lockdown began,  I started 5k to 10k, which, like Couch to 5k,  is a 9 week programme.   I will complete this next Sunday (24 May) although it'll take time to get to a one hour 10k.  I haven't thought of my next challenge yet"

Michelle posts up in our Running Community group on Facebook regularly and her posts are always well received within the group filled with supportive, encouraging and inspirational messages.

We cannot wait for Michelle's story to continue and we know she will smash that 10k next week.

Congratulations Michelle!

Michelle Wyllie.png
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