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In our running community group on Facebook we see inspirational stories and journeys nearly everyday. The running journeys that our members go on are important to us and we love talking and interacting with our members everyday. We have decided to make this our special page to show a runner each month from our community who not only have inspired us but also impressed us with there effort, progress and general love for running.

october 2022 Runner Of the month - alison cotton

Alison has shown amazing dedication with her Virtual London Marathon Training which has been a joy to watch and a massive Congratulations to Alison for completing your first Marathon too!

Alison is a huge support to other members in the group and we enjoy seeing you’re inspiring posts and wish you the best of luck with your Manchester Marathon training for next year.

A message from Alison

My running journey started in January 2018 from someone who didn’t like walking let alone running to I wouldn’t be without it now.

Only running once a week, started parkrun September 2018 now I’m nearing my 100th parkrun in November. 2.5 years in I started running further and Half Marathons became my favourite doing around 30 to date.

I love a challenge so I’ve done London Virtual Marathon twice on my own and here’s to 2023. Goals for 2023 run sub 25 mins for 5km, sub 2 hours for HM and nearer 5 hours for a marathon. Keep running


alison cotton ROTM.jpg
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