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A great alternative to wearing a head torch or chest light. Lights up the roads and trails with ease and with ultimate comfort and a very well put together high quality product.

Bodylite have been kind enough to send me over there Bodylite Night Runner Belt which I have been using during my evening runs over the last two months. This waist-worn belt is a straight replacement for a head torch or chest worn light.

Upon unboxing and removing the belt straight away you can tell this is a very well-built great quality running belt. The belt material that goes around your waist is a very well padded and comfortable material and the LED module itself is very robust. On the back of the belt we have two LED lights on the left and right hand side that flash red on and off when you switch the belt on this is of course so you re recognised from behind whilst you go out on a run in the dark.


On the rear is a sturdy zip pocket for storage of your phone, money, keys, gels or cards. It’s a very generous space that I can fit my phone and card/cash into. There is also an output hole for headphone wires in case you are plugged into your phone for music which can be useful if you’re not using wireless headphones.


On the front of the belt we of course have the LED light itself. This is a CREE LED light that is very bright and outputs at 210 lumens. To switch the unit on you simply press down and hold the circle surrounding the light and it will switch on (including the rear lights)


The light is at full power on the initial turn on but can be put in a lower light mode if the circle is pressed once without holding and back to full when pressed again. One of the most unique designs in this belt for me is that you can move the LED light around in a circle (up down left and right) to position the light where you wish to have it. On the back of the LED light module you have the USB charging port which of course has a rubber seal to protect from water. The belt has a design where you slide one end of the belt into the other and it simply slides into place securely.


So that’s a general description about the belt itself but what about actually running in the belt. Well first of for me (and I know everyone is different) wearing this belt and where the light position is wipes the floor of wearing a head torch or chest strap. The fact the light is coming directly from your waist and straight ahead of you onto the ground is a fantastic design and the brightness the CREE LED outputs is more then enough for pitch black night time running.

The comfort of this belt when worn during running is top notch. You will not realise you are wearing it of course apart from the light coming from the belt. It is secure and comfortable and has a great tensioning system for great comfort. Once the belt is put on and I am running it stays put it does not budge and that’s vital with a waist worn product and this really does deliver on that aspect.

Putting on the belt is bliss you simply slide the LED module into the other end of the belt and it comes together and into place. No putting the belt over your head or treading into the belt to put it on its just simplicity at its finest.

The LEDs on the back that flash red are great for visibility from people or cars coming from behind you will be noticed with ease and I have never had any problems being seen. The storage zip at the back provides a good amount of storage space I normally take my phone and cards in this pocket and they both fit in easily.


The belt itself on the main high beam lasts around 4-5 hours on a full charge and will last 16 hours using the low beam. I must admit I rarely use the low beam as I am normally out in the pitch black but I believe it could be great in overcast weather if needed.

Its an impressive and vital piece of night running kit that will be used by myself on a regular basis and is also water resistant with an IPX4 rating.


Price wise you will pay a higher price then what you may pay for a bog standard running light but the quality, build and design and of course the usage makes this all worthwhile. You will not be disappointed with this running night waist belt and BodyLite offer a 30-day money back guarantee and more importantly a 2-year warranty to cover any issues you maybe have (which I must note I have had 0 issues)

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