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Kelly Pojur

After getting engaged in May 2018 and being really unhappy with my body I decided to give the C25K a go..... again!! I’d tried it before but never got past week 1 as I thought running was “boring”. But I hated gyms and I was desperate to shift some weight for my wedding in August 2019. I remember my first run with a friend, rubbish Primark trainers, no sports bra, trackie bottoms on in the early summer heat and I was ready to go. Well what a run that was.... I coughed, spluttered and pretty much crawled my way around my first “run” (if you can all it that) and almost gave up when I looked through the C25K app seeing that on one of the weeks you had to run for 20 mins..... how in the hell was I ever going to be able to do that!!! But I continued, in my rubbish trainers which I eventually upgraded to a pair of equally rubbish Karrimor ones.... but I had purchased a half decent sports bra by this point 🤣🤣

As I progressed through the weeks of C25K, something amazing happened.... I found that after every run I felt a little sense of achievement, a buzz, and I said to a friend of mine that I would aim to do my first park run in October 2018.

October 2018 came and I met my running pal at the Park Run... by this time I had decent running trainers and was debating about getting a Fitbit as I was tracking all my runs via map my run.... I was on my way to becoming a “proper” runner 😂 Anyway.... we set off on the Park Run, I was trying to keep up with him but wasn’t able so had to pull back as I was so out of breath... I think I crossed the finish line in about 38 mins and I was on such a high about it!! After that there was no stopping me, I was at the park run every week without fail and my pace was getting quicker and quicker and I was able to get up those damn hills. I then decided to try a 10k and in April 2019 I ran the Bournemouth Bay run.... I was absolutely buzzing as I crossed the finish line especially as they called out my name and the crowd were cheering me on.... I just absolutely loved it and finished it in around 1hr 26 which for me at that time, was amazing.

After the Bay Run I did a couple of other 10ks..... my pace again was getting quicker and quicker and then I decided “well if I can do 10k I can do a half marathon” so off I went training for a half. I got married in August 2019 and was so pleased that running had allowed me to loose over a stone in weight but I still had another few lbs to loose. I decided to signed up for the Bournemouth marathon (the half though) and in October 2019 I completed my half marathon in 2hrs 29.... my family where there to cheer me on and it was just amazing, I was so emotional crossing the finish line!

After the half I was like “now what” I continued running, I continued entering races, my pace was getting quicker and I was completing a half in around 2 hrs 18.... and then COVID hit. I can honestly say running was my savour during lock down number 1. I was clocking up 20-25 miles a week, running 3 times a week. I was at my goal weight and I felt the fittest and healthiest I had ever been. I did suffer with my mental health a bit during lockdown, like a lot of other people I imagine. I am a home bird, I love being at home but being “stuck” there was really getting to me and I was so grateful for my running. Lockdown saw my pace increase and also my distance and it was then i decided I wanted to go for a marathon. I’d signed up for Brighton Marathon in 2021 and I’ve also applied for London.... so either way I will (hopefully) be running a marathon next year. I was so buzzing at this thought, all I wanted to do was get out running.... and I wasn’t listening to my body, then in Aug 2020 whilst out on a 13 miler my knee went and my husband had to come and pick me up and take me home as I couldn’t walk. I thought it would be fine in a few days, so I rested and got back out later on that week... it still felt a bit niggly but I kept running and running until the beginning of sept when I was in so much pain I had to stop. I ended up being unable to run until November 2020. I rested, I elevated, I iced it, when it felt ok I tried running but then the pain would come back so eventually I admitted defeat and went to a physio. I was eventually given the all clear to run in November, and I was so apprehensive to get out the door. I felt nervous, I felt sick and I felt like I had lost my running mojo and I hated that feeling as running had helped me so much. However, I still threw myself out the door, a couple of 5ks a week, then up to a couple of 8ks, 10ks and now I’m back running the same distances I was before I hurt myself, however I don’t feel at the peak of fitness like I did in the spring/summer time but I am sure it will come back.

If I could sum running up in one word it would be “escape” getting out there and running, listening to some good tunes (I’m a trance head, drum and bass kinda gal) helps clear the mind. Like a lot of other people, I’ve found 2020 really tough at times but running is my therapy, I just love it and I’m so glad that I found it as a hobby. Now we’ve had the news that my home town is in tier 4, I think running will yet again be my savour!!

Kelly Pojur

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